Position Location: Finance Clerk

Business Unit: Finance


Primary Function

Manage cash position with building up and maintain relationship with bank; FX declaration management in both payment and receipt, ensuring the compliance with SAFE regulation; Managing all the cash transactions; Verify and declare VAT timely and accurately, to ensure tax compliance; Prepare correct month statistic report and tax report and a timely submission to local government.


Supervision: Shanghai


Key Deliverables

  • Monitor daily cash position by bank account, familiar with approach in managing different type of deposit and maximize benefit within company policy;
  • Manage payment process with ensure every payment is supported by activity and approval;
  • Prepare and submit cash report per requirement timely and accurately per corporate requirement;
  • Declare FX receipt and payment in compliance with SAFE and tax regulations;
  • Manage VAT input declaration on a timely basis to support cash flow, and ensure all VAT input can be declared with a monthly accurate VA reconciliation;
  • Declare Custom Refund Tax, and maintain detail tracking list monthly, ensure submission timely and accuracy;
  • Understand tax regulation and monitor its changes, timely update the impact to concerned supervisors with estimate potential reflects to business. And support on change implementation with ensure compliance and minimize the risk of over/under tax payment;
  • Submit EIT report for both quarterly and annual tax filling process; coordinate documentation preparation to support approval of assets disposal and inventory write-off;
  • Manage Withholding Tax declaration and documents recorded in related government, especial for non-trade FX payment, ensure submission timely and accuracy.
  • To understand the interest range of different banks to support credit line of cash support in need with leverage total cost;  
  • Perform checking employee expenses claim accuracy, rational and compliance with both company procedure, rules and local regulation;
  • To maintain a good and effective relationship with bank, SAFE and local tax bureau;
  • Prepare company statistic report and submit to government on time accurately;
  • Support legal documentation renew and management; 
  • Qualification Requirements:
  • Major in computer, commercial, accounting or finance with bachelor degree or equivalent;
  • Good in writing & speaking English and fluent Mandarin;
  • At least 1 year of experience in position of cashier;
  • Good patient and communication skills on repeated job with a higher level of carefulness;